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Helping others by making subs

Making Subs Each year, the charity group at St. Patrick Church hosts a sub sale to benefit the soup kitchen and food pantry in downtown Columbus. Since 2012, I have helped organize this fundraiser, and have sold approximately 400 subs each year. Over the years, we have fine-tuned the conveyor-belt style of sub making, and have continually improved the process and the quality of the product. To improve the process means to make more profit, which means more donations go to the soup kitchen. This is true in government as well. When we improve the government processes and systems, we improve customer service, decrease costs, and encourage innovation. Last summer, I helped lead a task force that

Campaigning during football season

Football schedules I learned years ago, during my first campaign for city council, to avoid knocking on doors while the Buckeyes are playing a football game. Campaigning prior to a game on game day is usually the best bet. Most people are home waiting for the game to begin. Many people are pre-gaming and are more eager to talk to a stranger who knocks on their door. Some people invite me to join them in their pre-game festivities. Waiting until the final score is a gamble. Even though a Buckeye loss is unlikely, it does happen from time to time. When knocking on doors after a loss, I never know what will happen. Many people are upset by the loss but they appreciate me stopping by all the sam

Serving others

Volunteering Growing up, my parents instilled in me a great sense of civic responsibility. They always encouraged me to give back to the community through volunteering time, talent and treasure. This manifested in many ways in high school, college and adulthood. One organization in which I still actively participate is Little Margaret’s Charity at St. Patrick Church in Columbus. Little Margaret’s mission is to provide support to the homeless and the poor. We provide financial support to local homeless shelters, food pantries and parish members who need assistance. Every year we host the Giving Tree to provide gifts and financial support to families in our parish community. We set up a “tree”

The great pumpkin

Week of Oct. 30 Halloween This week was Halloween. We took the night off from the trail to enjoy the spooky festivities and trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. Of course, we carved our Jack-o-lanterns prior to Halloween so we could enjoy them for a couple of days. My daughter (age 7) carved a traditional face while my son (age 3) decided on a cat drawing, which he etched with marker. The trick-or-treating was successful in many ways. My kids enjoyed some sweet treats while I reconnected with neighbors. It was a cold evening, so we had dress appropriately. Cold is here The weather turned cold this week, dropping into the low 30s. Cold weather always impacts my throat, so I be sure to wear

Cats and spooky walks

Cat Leader My kids and I were walking from house to house as we normally do. From behind a tree, one orange and white cat approached my daughter (age 7). Since she is part cat, she naturally wanted to say hello to the cat. Out of the nearby bushes, a second almost-identical cat appeared and approached my son (age 3). He was excited to see it, but more excited to see cat number three appear from under the nearby porch. The third cat was a tiger tabby and looked like our cat named Tuck. After a few minutes to petting these friendly felines, we continued to the next house. The cats followed us in a Pied-Piper-style line for the next several houses. Finally, the cats grew bored and returned home