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Clever placement

This was my fault. I wish I could say it was my daughter’s idea, or even that she prompted me to do it. But, sometimes when knocking on doors, I find the perfect setup for leaving one of my campaign postcards. In this case, Santa and Mrs. Claus are holding my postcard as if endorse my candidacy. If Santa and Mrs. Claus weren’t sitting there in front of the entrance, I would have slipped the postcard under the welcome rug or folded it carefully to fit in the loop of the door handle. But there they were, looking at me, just waiting for me to hand them a postcard. I imagine the homeowners returning home from the grocery store or a visit with friends. I imagine them walking towards the front doo

I shrunk an inch

When the doctor told me I shrunk an inch in one year, I wasn’t surprised. I wondered all year if I was shrinking, and this confirmed what my instincts already told me. My son (age 3) rides on my shoulders quite often. And prior to my son coming of age, my daughter (age 7) was my co-pilot on my shoulders. It’s been a little different the past year because even though my son was still a toddler, he is a big boy who weighed more at age two than my daughter weighed at age six. So, carrying him on my shoulders has taken its toll. Last year I attended the Arnold Classic, which isn’t my typical scene. I acquired some tickets, so I decided to experience it with my kids and my mom. If you have ever b

Maple syrup and public policy

I grew up on a farm in northwest Ohio. Every winter, we would tap our maple trees to make maple syrup. That left such an impression on me as a young person that now, in Worthington, my family taps maple trees in our neighborhood to continue the tradition. It all starts with the appropriate time. The appropriate time is late winter when it's warmer in the day time but below freezing at night. That's when the juices start flowing in the trees. Then, you tap into the maple trees to start collecting the sap. When you collect enough sap, you can start boiling down. This part takes a lot of patience, a lot of time and a strong commitment. Because it takes 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of mapl

Snow angels

My daughter (age 7) loves the snow (and for some reason, the cold). The snow was sticking to the ground this week so we geared up in our snow-appropriate attire and hit the campaign trail. We walked from house to house catching snow flakes in our mouth and occasionally stopping for a cup of hot chocolate. She made snow angels on freshly-covered sidewalks while I casually built small mounds of snow in nearby driveways. Most people were home, and we discussed the beauty the falling snow. As we were walking, my daughter spotted a family having a snowball fight in their front yard. We stopped walking and devised a plan to join the fun. We first made a dozen small snowballs. Then we carefully man

Adoption and Christmas lights

Adoption: The temperature dropped again this week, but that didn't stop us from meeting some great people while knocking on doors. This week I met two families who had adopted children. Each family shared the same sentiments that I have, which has shaped my platform on adoption reform. If it weren't for a miracle, my wife and I would not have been able to adopt. The current adoption policies in Ohio give tax incentives to families with large incomes. For a typical family, adoption is cost prohibitive. Thousands of Ohio children are currently waiting to be adopted, and more are born each year. Unfortunately the current system is not friendly to normal Ohio families looking to adopt. I know a