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Transitional community gardens

During my first term on Worthington City Council I developed a program to promote the cultivation of edible plants on public land. The idea came from a culmination of resident input and my experience growing up on a farm. I always wondered why local governments couldn’t use their unused land to plant/cultivate edible plants. I called this concept the ‘transitional community garden’ program. After spending time researching the idea and mapping unused space in Worthington, I decided this idea would work in Worthington with some success. In my research, I found that many city parks and spaces already had mature fruit trees and brambles. I mapped these edible plants on a public Google map and ga

A conversation with depth

Ten years ago I helped develop a ‘healthy choices’ program for middle school and high school students. Schools invited me to present the program in health class. The program educated teens about risky behaviors and empowered them to avoid negative behaviors, including drug and substance abuse. Typically, I remained in each health class for a week. Due to the nature of the topics we discussed, the conversations were honest and deep. This gave me a great opportunity to truly connect with students and understand why some teens might be interested in making risky choices. I presented the program in Franklin County schools for more than eight years. In Dublin in Worthington alone I have spent mor

A cat named Tuck

This cat is so bored. His name is Tuck and he is my indoor/outdoor cat. Typically, he goes out for a few hours each night but recently it has been too cold. Tuck is conflicted. He wants to go outside, but as soon as he steps on the snow, he realizes it’s too cold. So, he comes in and goes out, comes in and goes out constantly through the night. This would not usually bother me, except I don’t want to keep the cat door open during the cold drafty nights. Because he cannot let himself in and out through the night, he asks me to help him. Tuck, who sleeps all day, essentially keeps me awake all night. His ‘get noticed’ routine revolves around noisily scooting Legos around the floor until I wake