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UMCH Update

By now you may have heard of some discussions about the United Methodist Children’s Home (UMCH) site on High Street. This article is to share my insights about where things stand today, and to provide a little historical context. In 2015, Lifestyles Community ((LC) presented a development concept including a 350-unit apartment complex, a series of 271 townhomes and houses, and some retail and commercial space. The 600+ housing units would have increased Worthington’s residential housing by approximately 10 percent in one central location. Based on public feedback at that presentation, the community and council expressed to LC that the concept would not be accepted in Worthington. In the Spri

Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan

Six years ago, I helped create an ad hoc bike and pedestrian advisory committee to identify connectivity projects. At that time, the previous two councils determined that connectivity was a high priority and subsequently tasked the ad hoc committee to figure out what that means for Worthington. The ad hoc committee spent a better part of a year talking to residents to identify connectivity needs. After the final report came to council, we codified a permanent bike and pedestrian committee to continuously provide insights into city issues revolving around bike and pedestrian projects and programs. Last month, the committee finalized a projects master plan they have been working on for more th

Worthington Visioning Committee

In June, council voted to approved a 13-member community visioning committee to develop and lead outreach methods to gather feedback from residents on a variety of topics in the community. The basic premise of the visioning process is to understand holistically the thoughts and feelings of the Worthington community, and to determine who we want to be as a community in the next 20 years. The committee is comprised of all Worthington residents from different backgrounds and from different parts of town. Council combed through 54 resident applications and interviewed 10. Council, as a whole, approved six residents from this pool to serve on the committee. The other seven residents were appointe