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Re-Elect Doug Smith to City Council. Because COhatch.

Just as I was looking for an innovative way to help incubate local businesses, COhatch needed a place to grow. As vice-president of the community improvement corporation (CIC), I led the efforts to bring COhatch into the ‘library’ on the Village Green. By creating a public-private partnership, COhatch has been able to grow local businesses in the heart of Worthington. And, their organization has grown to more than a dozen locations.

Re-Elect Doug Smith to City Council. Because Porch Growler.

When the property owners asked the city how to develop the parcel next to CVS, I told them to how to approach it responsibly. As a result, they met with neighbors, civic organizations, citizens groups, and residents to get feedback that made a sensible development.

Re-Elect Doug Smith to City Council. Because the city’s healthy budget.

Worthington boasts the second largest budget of any Ohio city with a population less than 25,000. We also have one of the largest ‘rainy day funds’ in the state. Our latest bond rating was AAA, the best a city can get. In the past five years, Worthington’s business base has grown by nearly 20 percent.

Re-Elect Doug Smith to City Council. Because community visioning.

As the author of the visioning process documents, my intent for the community visioning is to be more than just a simple city plan. I want you to share what’s on your heart and mind. Tell us what you enjoy about Worthington, what your concerns are, and what your desires are for your community. This is a deep dive into the emotional and intellectual spirit of our city. Join the conversation.

How's the 2020 city budget?

City staff presented their proposed capital improvements (CIP) budget last week. The city is on the finishing end of a multi-year utilities replacement program being pushed by the EPA. The proposed budget is presented as tight compared to previous years due to a variety of factors. Mainly, this is a deliberate decision that staff and council have been planning for a number of years. What is not plainly explained in the budget – and what many residents aren’t aware of – is that the Anthem building will be occupied at some point in 2020. The current city budget does not reflect this, but it is an important factor to the health of the city’s budget. Councilman Doug Foust explains the Anthem bui

What happened at the joint meeting with Worthington Schools?

The Worthington School Board hosted a joint meeting with City Council this month. The topics included the school district master planning, the current state of SwimInc., and the Safe Routes to Schools program. If you are interested in the guts of the information, I invite you to watch the recorded meeting video at the Worthington School Board video archives (10/14), or read one of the news articles below. Read more about the school’s facilities planning here. Read more about the SwimInc. Presentation here. The genesis of this joint meeting was when I met with two school board members and the assistant superintendent to discuss the district’s proposed feeder pattern changes, and its impact on

Electric Vehicle charging stations approved

This month, council voted to move forward to install two electric vehicle (EV) charging stations – one in Old Worthington and one at the community center. The decision to install charging stations began when council approved a feasibility study this summer, conducted by Clean Fuels Ohio. I introduced Clean Fuels Ohio to city staff several years ago to begin talking about the viability of having city-owned EV charging stations. The past few years, the region has seen a significant increase in EV ownership and EV owners driving through. The city and Clean Fuels Ohio determined now is a good time to install charging stations. It also helps that AEP has recently been offering full reimbursements