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Protect Local Services


Since 2012, Ohio legislature has diverted $1.2 billion away from local funding, resulting in strained local resources. The 60-percent reduction resulted in decreased city services. Since the 1940s, local governments have used this revenue source to fund police, fire, refuse removal and park maintenance to residents.


By reallocating funds to local governments, cities will have the financial stability to ensure a high standard of city services.

In Worthington, the state reduced the local government fund by _____. In Dublin, the state decreased the fund by ____. This decrease puts a large burden on local governments and strains cities like Worthington and Dublin to have to make tough decisions to maintain a high standard for city services. Fortunately, Worthington and Dublin are financially well positioned enough that they don't have to ask residents for a tax increase to provide basic services. However, many cities in Ohio are struggling and ultimately ask the voters to pick up the tab. 

Keep in mind the state did not give any tax cuts to residents or businesses and they still receive the funds that used to be allocated to the local government fund. Only now they are not giving it to local governments.

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