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Protect Local Services


Since 2012, Ohio legislature has diverted $1.2 billion away from local funding, resulting in strained local resources. The 60-percent reduction resulted in decreased city services. Since the 1940s, local governments have used this revenue source to fund police, fire, refuse removal and park maintenance to residents.


By reallocating funds to local governments, cities will have the financial stability to ensure a high standard of city services.

Promote Job Growth


By incentivizing local governments, they can think of innovative ways to grow local businesses and attract out-of-state companies, increasing jobs and local revenue. It starts with the state taking the lead on innovation.

Bring Jobs to the District and to Ohio


Doug knows firsthand what it takes to grow and maintain a small business. He will work hard to protect those who create jobs by fighting burdensome government regulations. Growing a business is hard work. Business owners don’t need inefficient and redundant government regulations stifling their efforts. 

Make things Easier


Doug’s experience working for state government gives him insight on its systems and processes. Government’s goal is to serve the public. Somewhere along the way, some processes became too confusing and burdensome. Confusion impacts business owners, workers, taxpayers, and property owners. Let’s make things easier by streamlining processes.

Improve Education

The strength of Ohio’s economic future is dependent upon the strength of the education that our children receive today. To have a strong educational system, there must be competition, wise spending, and flexibility.

Reform Adoption Policies


For many families, adoption is cost prohibitive and bureaucratically restrictive. There are many parents who would be good parents, and many children who need a good home. Right to Life advocates have made great strides in providing more incentives for adoption, but we can do more. Some families do not benefit from state and federal tax credits. Let’s create a program that makes it less restrictive for good families to adopt. Every potential parent deserves and chance to be a parent. Every kid deserves a chance to have a secure family.

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