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Letter from Doug Smith

Dear Resident,


Worthington is a picturesque community filled with warm and generous people. On any given night, you can walk down High Street and see Worthingtonians relaxing at one of the restaurants or enjoying their favorite ice cream while walking their dog.  The atmosphere is the epitome of core American values and dreams.


I am running for re-election to City Council to be a part of maintaining Worthington's greatness and appeal. I will continue being a representative of the people by maintaining communication with residents and being a sounding board for ideas and suggestions. I want to hear what members of the community have to say, and formulate those ideas into operating practices in our community.


If you have ideas about how to make Worthington better, please feel free to write to me on the website's "Share Ideas" page, or feel free to contact me via email or telephone. I can't wait to hear what you have to say.


For my ideas on how to help Worthington thrive, please check out my "Issues" page.


Doug Smith

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