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  • Doug Smith

Thoughts from the trail

The week of October 9, 2017

21 Pilots

I went campaigning with my daughter (age 7) and son (age 2). We met a man whose son is a church pastor. The church’s first worship band was the now-famous band 21 Pilots.

Hidden Oasis

We found a hidden oasis behind a cul-de-sac. The oasis had several benches around a pond - with a fountain in the middle. The pond connected to seven or eight houses on one side of the street. We looked around for ducks and a paddleboat, but found nothing. It was a tranquil area, though.

Retired Teacher

I met a woman in her 90s who was a teacher at Brookside elementary for more than 30 years. She did not live in the area when she was a teacher but she liked the community so much. When she retired, she moved into the neighborhood.

Mountain Climbing

The city of Worthington is replacing 90-year-old sewer lines on my street in the upcoming weeks. Our neighbor’s backyard is the holding grounds for machinery and large piles of stone for the project. On a lazy Sunday after church I found myself playing with my son’s (age 2) Tonka truck pretending to be a big-time construction worker as my daughter (age 7) climbed this temporary mountain.


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