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  • Doug Smith

My kids' flashlights


Anyone who knows me can tell you that I take my kids with me wherever I can. Other than a typical day at work, you will see me with my son (age 3) on shoulders and my daughter (age 7) with me hand-in-hand. This is nothing new. My daughter was just a year old when I started my first campaign for city council. She helped me knock on 2,200 doors that summer/fall. The local reporter even mentioned it in my first newspaper interview here.

I am proud to be their dad.

Family life is valuable to my wife and me, and we wanted to make sure that a run for state office did not come at my family's expense. Whether I win or lose, I want to be around my children because they are great kids and constant reminders of why I seek public office and value thoughtful public policy.


As the days get shorter, it’s important to remember 'safety first' when walking around the neighborhoods. In that spirit, my kids (ages 7 and 3) picked out special flashlights from the local flashlight emporium. These heavy-duty lights have come in quite handy so far as we walk door to door well into the darkness most evenings. Most residents appreciate that we have the lights on when we knock on their door. It immediately signals that someone is at the door and willing to be seen. One of the lights is more or less a lantern so it illuminates all three of us so the resident does not have to wonder who's outside.

Other than a sturdy Maglite that sits in my home hallway, these are the nicest lights I have ever owned. And they will continue to be a part of the campaign efforts for as long as they are able to volunteer.

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