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  • Doug Smith

The great pumpkin

Week of Oct. 30


This week was Halloween. We took the night off from the trail to enjoy the spooky festivities and trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. Of course, we carved our Jack-o-lanterns prior to Halloween so we could enjoy them for a couple of days. My daughter (age 7) carved a traditional face while my son (age 3) decided on a cat drawing, which he etched with marker. The trick-or-treating was successful in many ways. My kids enjoyed some sweet treats while I reconnected with neighbors. It was a cold evening, so we had dress appropriately.

Cold is here

The weather turned cold this week, dropping into the low 30s. Cold weather always impacts my throat, so I be sure to wear a nice scarf to keep my throat warm. However, simply breathing the cold air impacts my body. My lungs constrict. It’s harder to breathe. It takes some time for my body to adjust.

On the other hand, the cold weather provides me an opportunity to try out my cold-weather clothing on the trail. It’s time to trade in my light jacket for my winter coat. It’s time to wear my hat, scarf and wool socks.

I am looking forward to the upcoming cold months on the trail. Cold is a mysteriously wonderful part of living in Ohio. I don’t particularly enjoy being cold, but there’s something enjoyable about the cold Ohio weather.

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