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  • Doug Smith

Snow angels

My daughter (age 7) loves the snow (and for some reason, the cold). The snow was sticking to the ground this week so we geared up in our snow-appropriate attire and hit the campaign trail. We walked from house to house catching snow flakes in our mouth and occasionally stopping for a cup of hot chocolate.

She made snow angels on freshly-covered sidewalks while I casually built small mounds of snow in nearby driveways.

Most people were home, and we discussed the beauty the falling snow.

As we were walking, my daughter spotted a family having a snowball fight in their front yard. We stopped walking and devised a plan to join the fun. We first made a dozen small snowballs. Then we carefully maneuvered toward the family.

When we were within range, my daughter and I began throwing snowballs at the fun-loving family and joined in the snowball fight. The family started throwing snowballs at us.

After three minutes of random fun, I introduced myself and said thank you for playing along. We walked away happy and mostly unscathed (somehow I ended up with a small cut on my pinky finger).

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