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  • Doug Smith

Clever placement

This was my fault. I wish I could say it was my daughter’s idea, or even that she prompted me to do it. But, sometimes when knocking on doors, I find the perfect setup for leaving one of my campaign postcards.

In this case, Santa and Mrs. Claus are holding my postcard as if endorse my candidacy. If Santa and Mrs. Claus weren’t sitting there in front of the entrance, I would have slipped the postcard under the welcome rug or folded it carefully to fit in the loop of the door handle.

But there they were, looking at me, just waiting for me to hand them a postcard. I imagine the homeowners returning home from the grocery store or a visit with friends. I imagine them walking towards the front door, looking down to avoid stepping on ice patches. Then, with a side glance, they see the happy elves dressed in red, holding a blue postcard with my face on it. “What’s that?” they ponder. They lean in and identify the postcard as a piece of campaign literature. They look at each other and chuckle. “How clever,” they say to each other. “What a creative fellow,” they think as they nod in approval and enter their home.

Maybe they don’t do any of that, but it’s fun to think about. So, when I have an opportunity to do so, I will place my postcard in an obvious, yet whimsical, position: under a cat statue’s paws, on decorative moose antlers, and in the joyful arms of Santa and Mrs. Claus.

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