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  • Doug Smith

Renewable Electric Aggregation: Mission Accomplished

Last November, Worthington residents voted to allow Council to accept electric aggregation proposals to achieve two goals:

1. Reduce household electric bills

2. Provide residents with 100% renewable energy electric

Mission accomplished.

Starting in June, eligible* households and small businesses will receive approximately 7 percent savings on their subsequent electric bills.

When Councilman David Robinson and I began working on this program a year ago, we thought it was important to consider how we can obtain a renewable energy product for aggregation. Cincinnati was the first city in the state to implement this type of program. Based on sheer volume of households, they were able to get lower prices for renewable energy than any other electric product. This was not true in Worthington-sized cities until recently.

The marketplace has changed enough in the past few years that renewable energy - when bought in bulk (aggregation) - is more cost effective the traditional products.

Worthington is the first city in central Ohio to implement a city-wide renewable energy program that also saves residents money.

See abc6’s recent news story here and a recent ThisWeek News article here.

*Visit the city’s website to learn details about eligibility.

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