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  • Doug Smith

Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan

Six years ago, I helped create an ad hoc bike and pedestrian advisory committee to identify connectivity projects. At that time, the previous two councils determined that connectivity was a high priority and subsequently tasked the ad hoc committee to figure out what that means for Worthington. The ad hoc committee spent a better part of a year talking to residents to identify connectivity needs.

After the final report came to council, we codified a permanent bike and pedestrian committee to continuously provide insights into city issues revolving around bike and pedestrian projects and programs.

Last month, the committee finalized a projects master plan they have been working on for more than 12 months. With the help of a technical consultant, the committee listed project priorities and costs so council can determine what projects to work on in future years.

Additionally, by using regional resources, the committee also proposal a ‘toolbox’ of options to help increase connectivity without undertaking traditionally high-expense infrastructure replacement projects.

To view the 190-page master plan, click here.

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