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  • Doug Smith

Reducing Worthington's carbon footprint

Last year, council approved an energy reduction plan for all city buildings by upgrading to energy-efficient HVAC and lighting. The total lifetime cost savings is more than $3 million and the total energy savings is more than 1.7 million kilowatt hours per year.

We project an additional $1 million in savings based on staff hours saved from having to change lights and similar activities.

According to the United States EPA, this is equivalent to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 256 vehicles.

By using renewable energy credits for city buildings and utilities, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions the equivalent of 650 vehicles – or 4.3 million kilowatt hours per year.

The largest impact for reducing greenhouse gas emissions is by implementing the 100-percent renewable electric aggregation program for residents. This program reduces greenhouse gas emission by the equivalent of 7,572 vehicles – or 50.4 million kilowatt hours per year. Plus, this program saves residents money on electric bills.

That’s a total reduction of energy by 56.4 million kilowatt hours per year.

Keep in mind, the best way to save energy is to reduce your usage. It is important to be considerate of how much energy you are using, and why. Turn off your lights when not in a room. Don’t let the water run if you are not using it. Simple day-to-day considerations can be the most impactful when we all take steps to reduce energy usage.

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