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  • Doug Smith

Electric Vehicle charging stations approved

This month, council voted to move forward to install two electric vehicle (EV) charging stations – one in Old Worthington and one at the community center. The decision to install charging stations began when council approved a feasibility study this summer, conducted by Clean Fuels Ohio.

I introduced Clean Fuels Ohio to city staff several years ago to begin talking about the viability of having city-owned EV charging stations. The past few years, the region has seen a significant increase in EV ownership and EV owners driving through. The city and Clean Fuels Ohio determined now is a good time to install charging stations.

It also helps that AEP has recently been offering full reimbursements to qualified applicants wanting to install EV stations. Worthington applied and was awarded these reimbursement funds.

The charging stations will be installed by ChargePoint, and will operate with a user-friendly software and phone app that are familiar to EV drivers. The city must determine how much it will charge (if anything) EV users to use the stations.

Please read the ThisWeek article here.


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