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  • Doug Smith

What happened at the joint meeting with Worthington Schools?

The Worthington School Board hosted a joint meeting with City Council this month. The topics included the school district master planning, the current state of SwimInc., and the Safe Routes to Schools program.

If you are interested in the guts of the information, I invite you to watch the recorded meeting video at the Worthington School Board video archives (10/14), or read one of the news articles below.

Read more about the school’s facilities planning here.

Read more about the SwimInc. Presentation here.

The genesis of this joint meeting was when I met with two school board members and the assistant superintendent to discuss the district’s proposed feeder pattern changes, and its impact on neighborhoods. After talking with them, it became clear that the schools were not fully aware of city master plans and the city was not fully aware of school master plans. So we discussed the idea to meet jointly.

A joint meeting has not been held for 18 years, and each group decided it would be important to have such a meeting.

At the joint meeting, each group shared their thoughts on how to help the SwimInc. organization renovate their pools. City council expressed their willingness to improve the outdoor pool and the school board did not feel it was their responsibility to help.

The meeting was helpful for me to understand a little better the current state of the district. I believe we need to have more regular joint meetings and perhaps get regular updates about what the school district is doing and how it impacts the city and our neighborhoods.

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