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  • Doug Smith

Chickens in Worthington?

More than a decade ago, the city had a robust discussion about allowing chickens within city limits. That discussion led to the decision of not changing the ordinance (Ordinance 505.08), which includes:

“Chickens may not be kept anywhere within the City within 150 feet of any residence...”

For residents with a yard less than 150 feet from the nearest neighbor, this ordinance prevents the resident from having chickens. There were reasons for maintaining this ordinance language, mostly revolving around noise and smell. However, a similar ordinance calls out penalties for both noises and smells that disturb neighbors.

Now that food stability is questionable, I support changing this ordinance to allow any resident to have chickens (permissible by property owner).

The city has the research and the prepared ordinance change from a decade ago. It would simply be a decision Council makes, with input from the community.

I invite your feedback and thoughts about chickens here.


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