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  • Doug Smith

CIC engages with two developers for E. Wilson Bridge Rd. properties

Last month, the Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) reviewed proposal submissions from five developers interested in building office and residential products on the CIC-owned land on E. Wilson Bridge Road (view project proposals here).

Office and Residential
Proposed Concept from Don Roberts - Office and Residential

The CIC decided to engage with two proposing developers regarding three different project types.

One developer is Canini & Associates. They proposed a concept including three office buildings at 10,000 square feet each.

The other developer is Don Roberts from CBRE. He proposed two concepts. One is an office park with five office buildings at 6,000 square feet each. The other is a mixed concept with three offices and 28 townhomes. The townhomes abut the neighborhood residential properties.

The CIC will interact with these developers to flesh out the concepts and discuss possible incentives, and will likely make additional decisions at their next meetings in January and March.

Proposed concept from Canini - Office Park

The neighborhood (approximately 100 residents) continues to be actively involved in the process and I encourage any interested resident to share feedback and thoughts to protect the neighborhood character as these properties continue towards development.


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