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  • Doug Smith

Council's Feb. Retreat

In February, Council hosted its annual retreat to determine city priorities. This year was especially interesting because it was our first in-person retreat since 2019, we have two new members of Council this year, and we have new Council leadership.

My priorities were to direct staff to think about how we can accomplish more within the calendar year. Typically with these retreats, Council identifies two or three projects or policy items for staff to focus on throughout the year. This year, the seven Council members collectively have so many ideas, projects, and policy items - in addition to the external projects that staff manages - that we need to expand our staff bandwidth to get things done.

I have always been a fan of the Lean Six Sigma approach to business and government. When I worked for the state (BWC), I co-managed a Lean group who identified more than $1.3 million in annual waste, and determined ways to more efficiently ‘get things done.’

The retreat was productive, and the main take away is this Council is determined to get things done.


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