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  • Doug Smith

Deer Update - February 2023

In late 2022, Council directed city staff to work with the MetroParks staff to conduct a helicopter flyover count of deer dens in Worthington. This is the first to identifying where the deer are located in Worthington. This first step will help the wildlife management experts provide options to Council for how to manage the deer population. Wildlife experts at the MetroParks conducted an initial helicopter flyover to count deer populations in Worthington. Their initial assessment was not completed and they plan to complete their assessment during the next snow event.

Also, late in 2022, Council heard a presentation from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources biologist and suburban deer management expert about the available options in mitigating deer in Worthington. He commented, though there is no biological reason to mitigate the population, there may certainly be a human tolerance reason to do so.

To manage the deer population, the only real solution available to Worthington is to develop a culling program. Understanding the deer den locations will help experts map out a culling program. If Council decides to move forward with this plan, safety and public awareness will be extremely important.


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