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  • Doug Smith


Growing up, my parents instilled in me a great sense of civic responsibility. They always encouraged me to give back to the community through volunteering time, talent and treasure. This manifested in

many ways in high school, college and adulthood. One organization in which I still actively participate is Little Margaret’s Charity at St. Patrick Church in Columbus. Little Margaret’s mission is to provide support to the homeless and the poor. We provide financial support to local homeless shelters, food pantries and parish members who need assistance.

Every year we host the Giving Tree to provide gifts and financial support to families in our parish community. We set up a “tree” in the church so parishioners can purchase gifts for families in need. I recently took my kids to help me set up the tree and organize the program.

It is an important reminder that community service and public service have intrinsic value. It is also a reminder that some families are struggling. We have a responsibility to help through our time, talent and treasure.


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