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  • Doug Smith

What personality are you?

When I worked at Ohio BWC, I led a project to improve interdepartmental collaboration and communication. The 1,800 employees were encouraged to take a version of the Myers-Briggs personality test, called the DISC test and post it on their desk.

For those who participated, this test created a sense of understanding among colleagues for character attributes like communication style, meeting style, and preferences of working with a team or independently.

Since then, I found a newer version of the Myers-Briggs test in a free streamlined website called 16 Personalities.

I recently took the test and my personality showed as INFJ – Advocate. The description is a pretty good representation of how I see my personality, even though I have developed skills in other areas.

For fun, I encourage you to take the test and share your results. I am always curious and interested in knowing what personality type others are, and whether or not you agree with the results.


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