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  • Doug Smith

Worthington Primary 2024

March 19 is the 2024 primary election in Ohio. Worthington voters will get to vote on national and state candidates, but they will also get to choose who represents their respective Ward on the county party level.

Franklin County Parties (D and R) elect central committee representatives for each Ward, approximately 150 throughout the county. Worthington has four Wards. Democrats hold elections every four years during primary elections of presidential years, and Republicans every two years during primary elections of even years.

Voters with a registered party can vote for their party Ward representative during the primary election. If you are unaffiliated, you may declare your party at the time you vote in a primary.

For the 2024 primary (March 19), all four Republican incumbents are running and only one Ward is being challenged – Ward 4.

For the Democrat election, three incumbents are running and two of the Wards are being challenged – Ward 1 and Ward 4. Ward 3 has a newcomer, and the incumbent is not running for re-election.

Here are this year’s uncontested Ward races.

Democratic COUNTY CENTRAL COMMITTEE Presumptive Representatives

WARD 2 Leah Reibel

WARD 3 Lucretia S. Pollard

Republican COUNTY CENTRAL COMMITTEE Presumptive Representatives

WARD 1 Jennifer Valley

WARD 2 Jean E. Szabo

WARD 3 J. Donald Mottley

Historically there have been few contested races for Ward races. Generally, voter turnout for each Ward is between 300-600 voters.

Though Worthington has only four Wards of the approximate 150 Wards in Franklin County, county party leaders look to local Ward representatives for feedback on local candidates for city council, school board and Sharon Township. This feedback is given to each party’s candidate nominating committee and is considered as part of the party endorsement process.

Here are this year’s contested Ward races.

Democrat Ward 1

Felicity Beck

Mary C. Woods (incumbent)

Democrat Ward 4

Brinda Copsey (incumbent)

Cory Elzey

Republican Ward 4

Stephen Ketter

Stephanie Plant Frobose (incumbent)

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