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Small Business Owner


In 2007, at the start of the recession, my business partner and I started a marketing company. We purchased a failing business and turned it around into a profitable company through the recession. 


As a small business owner, I bring a needed perspective to state government and public policy development. By innovating our business practices during a down economy, we were able to grow our business. 


By innovating the government, we can save money and improve customer service for businesses and tax payers. 


Click here read how I can help the government save money.

Adoptive Parent


As an adoptive father, I know how difficult the adoption process can be. The adoption system is currently cost prohibitive for many families. The average Ohio adoption costs $25,000 with no guarantee of the adoption going through.

When my wife and I were researching adoption, we realized that we would not be able to afford adoption through an agency. The adoption tax incentives did not affect our tax liability. It was simply not affordable. But we knew we would be good adoptive parents.

By nothing short of a miracle, we entered into a private adoption arrangement, and were able to adopt. I know many families who wish to adopt but cannot afford it. They would make great parents, but the system needs to change. I will work to change the system to make adoption less cost prohibitive.

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