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  • Doug Smith

Cats and spooky walks

Cat Leader

My kids and I were walking from house to house as we normally do. From behind a tree, one orange and white cat approached my daughter (age 7). Since she is part cat, she naturally wanted to say hello to the cat. Out of the nearby bushes, a second almost-identical cat appeared and approached my son (age 3). He was excited to see it, but more excited to see cat number three appear from under the nearby porch. The third cat was a tiger tabby and looked like our cat named Tuck.

After a few minutes to petting these friendly felines, we continued to the next house. The cats followed us in a Pied-Piper-style line for the next several houses. Finally, the cats grew bored and returned home. They meowed at us for a while (I think they wanted us to play with them), then retreated to their places of origin.

Spooky Walk

This time of year is always fun. Not only are the leaves changing, late October is the time for tricks and treats. Most houses have some sort of themed décor, usually involving friendly jack-o-lanterns (real or fake), seasonal wreaths, and bails of straw.

My kids (ages 7 and 3) really appreciate the occasional house that is decked out with spooky décor. Some houses host ghosts, goblins, and monsters in the front yard. Others take extra time to create a spooky jack-o-lantern. Others have special light displays. It’s fun to see the decorations and it’s fun to walk along the sidewalks when things get a little spooky. Halloween is near.

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