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  • Doug Smith

The Trio: Karen, Doug and Doug

With 13 candidates running for three seats in this year’s Worthington City Council race, your will hear many campaign messages. You are tasked with selecting three candidates to serve you on Council the next four years. How do you choose candidates who best represent the values required to augment Worthington’s character and appeal?

There is a solution: “The Trio”

The Trio is comprised of candidate Karen Wilson and incumbents Doug Smith and Doug Foust. Although diverse in many ways, they have come together with shared core beliefs to engage and listen to all residents as Worthington continues to grow.

Spanning three generations, representing three geographical areas of Worthington, and bringing three unique experiences within the community, The Trio has pledged to each other and to residents to look to the future while preserving Worthington’s historic legacy, and ensure future generations can enjoy the family-friendly character we enjoy today.

The Trio embodies the kind of respectful collaboration Worthington needs to unify the community and keep Worthington a great and unique place.

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