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  • Doug Smith

Status of the Outdoor Swimming Pool (SwimInc.) – September

The city will soon launch an outbound survey to residents using a public polling firm. The focus of the survey is to collect feedback from a representative sampling of Worthington residents about what to do with the outdoor pool.

I have been promoting the idea of a formal public feedback process for more than a year and am glad the city is moving forward with this.

The details surrounding the outdoor pool are complex because the city does not own the pool and it is on school district property. However, there is a general consensus on City Council that the city should help in some way. The survey will help Council understand the pulse of the residents in several areas.

  1. How important is the outdoor pool in the Worthington community?

  2. What level of financial support should the city give the pool?

  3. Would residents prefer updating the pool’s failing mechanical systems while maintaining the pool’s current physical look and footprint (without a property tax increase); or would residents prefer upgrading the pool with more amenities and a different physical look and footprint (with a property tax increase)?

There are several paths forward that Council must research in more depth. The survey results will help shape the most viable options, and will be one data point among many to consider.

The city expects to have survey results to Council in October so we can have robust conversations about the options in November.

Please continue to stay informed and involved. Pay special attention to comments made by Council candidates this election season.

Some candidates are in favor of only exploring options that require a property tax increase. Though that should be considered and discussed as an option, I believe we can support the outdoor pool without a tax increase.


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