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  • Doug Smith

Vision Statements Team: Bike and Pedestrian 'Connected'

In June, City Council kicks off their Visioning Plan ‘implementation team” (VIT). The idea is to take the visioning statements approved in 2021 to the next level by giving more definition to each statement. This ideally will lead to creating actionable items and projects related directly to each aspirational statement.

Since there are seven vision statements and seven council members, each council member is assigned to lead a statement-specific VIT. My team will focus on the Connectivity vision statement. Largely, we will focus on bike and pedestrian connectivity projects, local and regional physical connections, programs and educational opportunities, and our human connections with our sister city in Japan.

Stay tuned as the VIT groups compile community outreach actions soliciting public input.

In the meantime, if you have any thoughts about how Worthington can become more connected (however you want to interpret that), please send me your comments.


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