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  • Doug Smith

What’s happening to the outdoor pool (SwimInc)?

The Worthington outdoor pool (aka: SwimInc) has been a topic of discussion since 2016, when Rep. Duffey secured $1 million of state funds to help pay for pool improvements. Since then, the SwimInc representatives have been signaling the community for help. The pool is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, but the aging infrastructure is cause for concern.

The city launched a working group comprised of council members and staff, and I volunteered to join this group. We met several times in March and talked with SwimInc representatives and school district representatives to gain better understanding of the school’s involvements (since they own the pool property) and SwimInc’s desires.

SwimInc will have a completed assessment by the end of May to determine different levels of funding requirements for a variety of long-term solutions.

The school district is in process of designing a new natatorium for indoor pool programming to support school extracurricular activities. The 2022 school levy included funding for an indoor pool replacement (not the outdoor pool).

I believe the city wants to help the outdoor pool in some way and we are figuring out options: how can we help, and what level of financial support can we provide.

Though the outdoor pool services the entire school district, SwimInc reports a majority of pool visitors are city residents.

What should the city do?

As the working group waits for the SwimInc assessment, what are your thoughts? Should the city financially support the outdoor pool so it can remain open?

Please share your thoughts and stay tuned for additional information.

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